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GYROKINESIS® is a movement system that can be used by everyone for a number of different goals.

Gyrokinesis is inspired by a variety of techniques and skills such as dance, tai chi, yoga, and gymnastics. It is a workout that incorporates a series of rhythmic and undulating movements that work the muscular and skeletal systems.

Exercises are performed in correspondence to breathing patterns, connecting breath and movement. The breathing patterns associated with the movement stimulate the nervous system and stretch and strengthen the muscles and connective tissues.

The body is taken through the natural elements of spinal movements that work the joints, muscles and stimulates the internal organs. Fluidity is the key.

Exercises are performed on a stool or mat and the organic movements are accessible to all levels and ages of the exerciser. Because of the combination movement and breath, Gyrokinesis is a type of exercise that is kind to the body and can be adapted to fit different needs.

Through movement we can connect to our natural rhythm. Gyrokinesis allows us to access and open our bodies from where we are in the present moment. Starting with the spine, all movements spiral from our centers, building a natural, fluid strength and energy from the inside out. Gyrokinesis is an embracing method of exercise and allows the participant to connect to the joy of movement through imagery and playfulness.



The Gyrotonic method, like Gyrokinesis, is a movement practice which has roots in Yoga, Tai Chi, and dance. Gyrotonic exercise take the spiraling and circular sequences of Gyrokinesis and implement them onto the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower Combination Unit. Gyrotonic has a holistic approach to movement that is designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities. Gyrotonic students are both young and old, recovering from illness or injury and healthy. Some of the benefits of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercises include increased strength and flexibility, renewed energy and vitality and a general sense of calm and well being.


Gyrotonic classes can be adapted to fit anyone's ability. The Gyrotonic method is practiced by people from all walks of life, including accomplished athletes and dancers, college students, baby boomers, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.

Because Gyrotonic equipment is highly adjustable, it can be customized to fit each persons unique physique, and ability, adapting for things such as height, arm and leg length and physical ability.


The Gyrotonic Pulley Tower Combination Unit is the widely used piece of Gyrotonic Equipment. The pulley tower recreates a sensation of buoyancy which provides smooth, even support and resistance via a unique, weighted pulley system. The adjustable bench and rotating handle unit can be customized to fit the individual proportions, and movement capacities of each user. The design of the equipment supports the full, and natural range of motion of the joints, allowing for three dimensional, functional movement, and eliminating the sharp starts and stops where most injury occurs.

Classes can be booked through or at +4747452881.

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GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and is used with their permission.

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